WISMEC REULEAUX RX200 $43.69 & DNA200 $142.49

This winter is definitely the winter of the Reuleaux. Be it the DNA200 version and it’s supporters or the RX200 version and its supporters… Joyetech has really gotten a large share of this winters device sales. Many people ask what the differences are and there really are only a few big differences in the two chip sets. Basically, for the tech savvy or very picky vapers the DNA200 version offers a vape that can be completely customized via their software from everything to battery longevity to inhale times and ramp up curves etc. This is the very first mainstream and super popular device with all of these options. But not everyone out there really wants to go through all that just to get their vape on. The RX200 version of the Reuleaux is a much more simplified version in which you can pop in your batteries, choose your wire type and mode preference and vape. Both have their ups, and both have their downs. But luckily for vapers, there is a Reuleaux for everyone. We’ve spent the last 2 weeks finding the very best deals on these two devices and if you are still interested in one of these bad boys.. we’ve saved you some time. Enjoy!

(via Wismec Reuleaux – RX200 $43.69 or DNA200 $142.49 – DVN)


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